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The Certified and Classified salary schedules for the 2015-2016 school year are posted under the "Salary Schedules" heading on the Human Resources webpage.
Classified hourly employees should note that the new salary schedule refers to pay schedules as "Grade" instead of "Level".  Additionally, the number assigned to each Grade may not be the same number that was assigned to each Level on past salary schedules.  Please review the position list, which is the first page of the document, to find each job title with corresponding Grade.


New Electronic Internal Transfer Process
In order to better serve all district employees seeking to transfer into internal employment opportunities, the District will convert to an electronic transfer process on March 1, 2015.  Once the electronic transfer process takes effect, no paper transfer or change of assignment forms will be accepted, nor will paper forms be considered in the transfer or change of assignment process.
The official method of requesting a transfer (for certified employees), change of assignment (for classified employees) and applying for a promotion opportunity will be processed through the District’s employment website, AppliTrack.  This website can be accessed directly at or by visiting the District’s website at, then selecting “Employment” from the Quick Links.
Step by step instructions on how to complete the internal transfer process can be found on the Human Resources webpage under “Employee Forms & Instructions”.


Human Resources is committed to offering the highest quality of services by developing with its partners a work environment that is built on trust and respect for each individual's worth and talents allowing each individual to work at their highest potential with freedom to take risk and break the mold.


Phil Sheehy
Director of Human Resources