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Bus Route Changes


The new bus schedules for Monday are posted.  These new schedules have combined our old ‘Hybrid A’ and ‘Hybrid B’ bus routes and will be in effect for the rest of this year.  All pick-up and drop-off times will have been altered to accommodate the return of our students to a four day in-person instructional model.  Because all of the routes are impacted, I strongly encourage you to notify your families that they need to start looking at these new schedules.  Starting today and through the weekend.


If there are any question, please feel free to refer the families to our 859-384-5340 phone number.  The information is available on the School web site.  To access the new schedule, simply go to the site and utilizes the ‘For Parents’ pull down menu, at the bottom of this menu is the ‘Transportation’ link.  The schedule is the first item to appear.  Additionally, you may directly communicate the link: http://transportation.boone.kyschools.us/edulog/webquery

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