Welding Technology

Mr. Bobby Nash, Instructor Last Updated: 8/21/2020 6:13 PM

Mr. Bobby Nash  

Mr. Bobby Nash, Welding Instructor

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The Welding program here at the Boone County Area Technology Center is a great place for young men and women to learn about and practice all of the basic fundamentals of welding.  This program is designed for students who have ambitions of being a highly skilled and trained welding professional.  As welding has the 2nd highest demand for jobs in the country right now, it is a great time for young adults to learn the art of welding.  This program will educate in the basics of arc welding along with various other processes that are used today in the welding industry.  Students will be required to practice shop safety on a daily basis.  Safety in the shop is the most important aspect of any program available at the school.  Safety is something that is not taken lightly and will be up held to the highest regard no matter what the situation.  Students will be educated in the proper use and care of various hand tools as well as power tools.  Learning to read a tape measure is something the students will begin practicing from day 1.  It is an essential skill for anyone looking to pursue a career in the welding field.  Students will begin training with an Oxy-Fuel cutting torch within the 1st week of school.  After that there is no end as to how far you will be able to take your training.  Our goal for every student is to achieve a welding certification before they graduate. 


There are opportunities for students who excel to be released for a Co-op job instead of coming to school.  This class is very hands on and all book work is completed the day it is handed out in class.  Students will be held to a very high standard.  If you are a student who enjoys hard work in a demanding job setting, this is the course for you.  Welding is a very rewarding field to be in.  How far someone can go with it is entirely up to the individual and what their goals are in life.



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