School-Based Decision Making Council

Last Updated: 7/8/2021 1:01 PM



School Based Decision Making Council

David Fuller (Chairperson)

Steffanie Sela (Secretary)

Michelle Windows (Teacher)

Holly King (Parent)

Nick Crum (Teacher)

Lindsey Brown (Parent)

Lindsey Murray (Teacher)

Jo Anne Morrissey (Parent)

Urvija Patel (Teacher)



** SBDM Meetings are typically held on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 4:30pm in the TES Library **

Next meeting is Thursday, November 10, 2022 @ 4:30 PM

CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan)

TES CSIP 21-22 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

TES CSIP 21-22 Continuous Improvement Diagnostic

TES CSIP 21-22 Executive Summary

TES CSIP 21-22 Needs Assessment

TES CSIP 21-22 Professional Development Plan

TES CSIP 21-22 School Safety Report

TES CSIP 21-22 School Assurances

TES CSIP 21-22

KY School Report