NEW! 2022-23 New Student Enrollment (1-5)


2022-2023 Grades 1-5 Registration

Welcome to Thornwilde Elementary! 


What forms and supporting documents do I need to complete to register my child?

Below is a list of the 14 REQUIRED forms/documents needed to complete your child’s enrollment. Simply click on the item listed and it will take you directly to the form. Most forms are “writable” so you can type directly on them. Be sure to download and save them on your computer for easy access as you work on completing them.  Be sure all forms are completed in full!

If you prefer, you can stop by the school office to pick up a paper packet.


How do I return my child’s enrollment paperwork?

Families will have 3 options to return paperwork.

  1. Scan/Email completed forms and supporting documents to Sandra Linden at:
  1. Mail completed forms and supporting documents to the attention of Sandra Linden at Thornwilde Elementary, 1760 Elmburn Lane, Hebron, KY, 41048. 
  1. Drop off completed forms and supporting documents directly to TES during office hours, Monday – Friday between 8:00am-4:00pm.  (Office only open until 3pm during summer hours).


I have questions, who do I contact?

Feel free to email Sandra Linden with any questions you have about your supporting documents, forms, or the enrollment process at or you can call the TES office at 859-586-3900 and one of our friendly office members will assist you!



CLICK HERE for the Welcome to Boone County Schools Registration Checklist

  1. 2022-2023 Student Enrollment/Emergency Information form (both sides) *
  1. Home Language Survey * 
  1. Supporting Document: Copy of Certified Birth Certificate * 
  1. Supporting Document: Copy of Immunization Certificate * 
  1. Preventative Health Care Examination form (A physician must complete/due within 30 days of child’s start date)
  1. KY Eye Exam form (An eye doctor must complete/due by January 1.  This form is due from any student entering public school for the first time, ages 3-6.) 
  1. KY Dental Screening form (A dentist must complete/due by January 1. This form is due from any student entering public school for the first time, ages 5-6.) 
  1. Supporting Document: Copy of Legal Custody Papers * (Only if applicable) 
  1. Supporting Document: Proof of Residency *
    1. Copy of Driver’s License
    2. Copy of Lease, Contract, Mortgage, etc.
    3. Copy of Utility Bill 
  1. Adjudication/Expulsion Affidavit form * (Most families will check box #4 on this form for their student.)
  1. Student Transportation form (Must be submitted before child can ride a bus.)  
  1. Supporting Document: Copy of Social Security Card (A SS Card Waiver form is available upon request) 
  1. Permission to Videotape/Photograph/Publish Release form
  2. Records Release Form  (this will allow us to secure your child’s records from their previous school)

All 14 items are required; however, all “*” items are due before a child can officially start their first day.