Why Choose Ignite?

The Ignite Institute schedule is designed to allow scholars, teachers, and business partners maximum flexibility in providing the best education possible for the scholars. The weekly schedule structure provides three core curriculum days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and two production days (Tuesday, Thursday).

1st rotation 8:00 am – 9:55 am
2nd rotation 9:55 am – 12:15 pm
Lunch 10:15 am – 12:15 pm (30 minutes per college)
3rd rotation 12:15 pm – 2:00 pm

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Ignite For Scholars

The staff at the Ignite Institute believe in the philosophy to “care first, then teach.” To have a caring adult advocate who is interested in your well-being and development is integral to a scholar's success in and out of the classroom. Ignite will be a place of understanding and compassion where scholars will feel supported and free to be themselves. Scholars will learn that failure is part of the learning process, and they will be encouraged to learn from their mistakes. Through this method, scholars discover their ability to be great and become even more willing to take chances and work toward their goals.

Small, personalized learning environments can motivate and inspire students to put in the extra time needed to be successful. We believe that each content area is equally important in enhancing the scholars’ overall educational experience. Personalized learning, equal emphasis on all content areas, along with authentic, oftentimes hands-on, experiences are critical ingredients to student achievement. Before high school graduation, each scholar will have the opportunity to spend 400+ hours with regional companies learning on-the-job skills. These experiences will allow our students to begin networking with local businesses. This relationship is a crucial element in creating a workforce pipeline for the region.

Ignite For Parents

Parents want what is best for their children. While the future of work remains uncertain, parents want their children to graduate with employable skills in a career with growth potential. An additional concern for parents is post-secondary degree attainment and reduced financial debt at graduation. To meet this need, the Ignite Institute will offer over 20 dual credit classes through our partner universities and colleges. The dual credit classes increase a scholar’s potential to graduate on time with minimal college debt. Also, parents will delight in seeing their child in a position to apply the skills they have acquired in a variety of high demand job markets in our region.

Ignite For Industry Partners

Ignite offers employers an effective process to make an impact on students and their industry. Every week at The Ignite Institute, scholars will have two “production days” where scholars and teachers will have the flexibility to collaborate with business and industry partners. These days, regional companies will have the opportunity to work with Ignite Institute scholars. The business partners can customize how they want to work with scholars, but these interactions will generally fall under one of three categories: business mentorship, real-world projects, and workforce training. These production days allow employers to guide scholars on acquiring the skills needed to have an immediate and long term contribution to the workplace.

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