Leadership League

Last Updated: 10/14/2020 12:32 PM

Contact:  Mr. William Jones

Welcome to 
Conner High Leadership League 

where we

Peer Academic Advisory Council:

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As the leadership league tutoring committee, it is our purpose to be able to provide academic assistance for those in need. 

Community Service Group:
A committee of student leaders who are dedicated to helping others through compassion and hands on work outside of their own school and within.

ACT Workshop:
A committee comprised of students wanting to help others study and prepare for the ACT. The committee take the time to break the ACT down into parts to allow students have the most use of the committee's workshop and for them to walk away with confidence towards the ACT. 

Club Fair:
As the Club Fair Committee, our main goal is to advertise and spread student knowledge of the different clubs and extracurricular activities that Conner High has to offer. We strive to help clubs publicize themselves and make their efforts known throughout CHS. From the academic team to cross country, every club should be publicized and recognized; the main prospect of the Club Fair Committee. 

As the Recycling Committee, our main goal is to help students get the supplies they need to have a good school year. We want all grades to contribute to the recycling of school supplies that wasn't used or need so that others can use them the next year. At the end of the year we will have a locker clean out so students can find all recycle-able supplies. Right now anything that has been recycled is located in the library.