Conner High School Archery

Last Updated: 3/2/2021 6:44 PM

Coach:  Ms. Shannon Ketron


Kroger Rewards Program:

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2021 Archery Schedule - Due to the fluid nature of the current, Covid-19 environment, archery tournament schedules will not be posted.  All parents and archers will be notified via the REMIND app of all upcoming activities.



Welcome to Archery!  The Archery Program at Conner High School was started in May 2014 as a way for students to learn about Archery and develop skills such as focus, team building, and character.  The program is run through the guidelines of the National Archery in the Schools Program. The program follows our PBIS motto: Honor, Integrity and Pride.

In the 2016-17 School Year, Conner High Archery became a full KHSAA Sport-Activity. 


2019-2020 Tournaments: 

Conner High School (November 15-16)

First Place!!!!  #Roll Cougars!!!! 

Score: 3268

Top 10 Female Archers:

Courtney Nagy (4th) 282

Rilie Lucas (7th) 274

Top 10 Male Archers:

Jacob Ortwein (2nd) 282

Ian Petersime (6th) 275

Michael (Owen) Humbert (7th) 275

Grant Petersime (9th) 273

Luke Pinkowski (10th) 272



Conner Middle School (November 22-23)

State Qualifier

FIRST PLACE!!!! Roll Cougars!!!!

Top 10 Female Archers: 

Courtney Nagy (3rd) 282

Allison Hunt (4th) 281

Ashlyn Vonlandingham (7th) 271

Top 10 Male Archers:

Jacob Ortwein (6th) 282

Grant Petersime (7th) 281

Luke Pinkowsi (8th) 280

NKAC Tournament at St. Henry Sports Complex *Top 24 Archers will be eligible (December 13)

St. Henry Sports Complex (December 14)

Boone County High School (January 10-11)

Gray Middle School (January 18)

Camp Ernst (January 24-25)

NASP High School Regionals (February 15)

Calvary Christian (February 21-22)

NASP State Tournament (March 13-14)




2018-2019 Tournaments:

Grant County November to Remeber : 2nd Place 

Scored: 3237

Top 10 Male Archers: 

Simon Claypool (7th) 279

Mitchell Ketron (7th) 279

Ian Petersime (9th) 279 


Conner Middle School Fall Tournament: 2nd Place out of 12

Scored: 3313 

Top 10 Male Archers:

Ian Petersime (1st) 287

Mitchell Ketron (3rd) 286

Blake Roland (9th) 279

Cooper High School - 11/30-12/1/18: 4th Place out of 12

Scored: 3267

Top 10 Male Archers: 

Ian Petersime (4th) 283

Luke Pinkowski (8th) 279

Blake Roland (10th) 278

Williamstown High School - 12/8/18 : 1st Place out of 6

Scored: 3271

Top 10 Female Archers:

Jordan Heheman (5th) 271

Top 10 Male Archers:

Ian Petersime ((6th) 284


Gray Middle School - 12/14/18:  3rd Place out of 15 

Scored: 3318

Top 10 Male Archers: 

Ian Petersime (1st) 291 ***NEW CHS RECORD*** 

Ian Petersime was also PLAYER OF THE WEEK!!! 

Congratulations Ian!!!! Your school, team, and coaches are very proud of you and your hard work!!!


Ryle High School - 1/5/19: 4th Place out of 10

Scored: 3267

Top 10 Male Archers: 

Ian Petersime (7th) 283


NKAC Tournament-1/11/19: 5th out of 13

Scored: 3272

Top 10 Male Archers:

Jacob Ortwein: (3rd) 287

Mitchell Ketron: (8th) 282


Pendleton County-1/19/19

*Cancelled for Ice and Winter 


Regionals 2/9/19: 5th out of 28

Scored: 3320

Top 10 Female Archer:

Rebecca Peterson: (8th) 287


Camp Ernst  - 3/2/19 : 4th Place out of 7

Scored: 3309

Top 10 Male Archer:

Mitchell Ketron (9th) 283


Community Christian - 3/9/19

*15 meters only shoot*

Top 10 Male Archers:

Mitchell Ketron (5th) 278

Jacob Ortwein (6th) 276

By Grade Overall Tournament Winners :

Allison Hunt (4th) 265 Freshman

Luke Moser (3rd) 267 Freshman

Jacob Orwein (3rd) 267 Junior

Mitchell Ketron (1st) 278 Senior


2019 KY NASP State

Scored 3288: Ranked 43 out of 107 teams

Top 10 Archers:

Mitchell Ketron 283

Michael Humbert 278

Allison Hunt 277

Courtney Nagy 275

Cameron Dixon 275

Jacob Ortwein 275

Ashlyn Vanlandingham 274

Rilie Lucas 274

Ian Pertersime 272

Michaela Ford 271



Regionals 2/10/19




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