Ryle Yearbook

Last Updated: 12/1/2021 12:45 AM

 ATTN. SENIORS! As always, SENIOR PORTRAITS for Ryle’s 2022 yearbook must be taken at Prestige’s portrait studio in Crestview Hills. (No purchase necessary.) Deadline: 1/13/22. First come, first served. Schedule appointments by phone or online. 859-578-0110 #2. prestigeportraits.com/nky See Ms. Caldwell in room 125 for more info. NOTE: Prestige offices will be closed from 12/17-1/2.

Now Accepting Senior Quotes!

The 2022 Yearbook Staff is now accepting senior quotes to be added in the 2022 yearbook. Submit yours via Google Forms by January 21, 2022 here: https://forms.gle/c4ZUaDn889iMRVn29 

Be sure to check the guidelines for submission. #MakeWay--HereWeCome!
NOTE: Senior quotes are published underneath senior portraits in the senior section of the yearbook. If you don't have your senior portrait taken by Prestige by the deadline of January 13, 2022, we will not be able to publish your portrait or your senior quote in the 2022 yearbook.

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