Dual Enrollment

Interested in taking Dual Enrollment college classes this Spring?  Please read the following information and then complete all application requirements.

The School Based Scholars Program is offered through NKU.  It allows high school students to take an UNLIMITED NUMBER colleges classes at a reduced rate of $216.00 per class ($72/credit hour).  In addition, two classes for juniors and seniors may be free since KHEAA has funding to support those.  At Cooper we have a variety of options for Dual Enrollment.  We offer classes during first period, several courses are taught by RCHS teachers during the school day, we have course available after school, or students may leave Cooper and go to NKU’s Highland Heights or Grant County campus to earn college credit. We are very excited to continue offering college classes at Cooper High School.  Students will have the opportunity to receive dual credit both from NKU and from Cooper High School.  A wealth of information and important details are included at https://inside.nku.edu/schoolbasedscholars.html.

Requirements: (No Exceptions)

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA 3.0
  2. Minimum ACT 20 composite (ACT not required, but we must disclose it if we have a score) 


  1. Minimum PSAT score Selection Index 102 and Minimum Critical reading 48 and Math 44


  1. Must have completed Sophomore year of high school (starting summer term)

**Students with who have completed their freshman year will be able to take courses offered at Cooper High School only.  This primarily applies to Spanish 101/102.

  1. Students must maintain a C or better in each college course for continued eligibility.
  2. Completed Application for Dual Enrollment including*:
    1. RCHS application, completed and signed by student and parent
    2. NKU Early Admission application completed online: http://applysbs.nku.edu.
    3. Disclosure form signed
    4. Tuition is due a week before classes begin.  Tuition is currently $216.00/class.  Students are given an addressed envelope – NKU does not send bills. Please mark your calendar.  Students owing a balance will not be able to register for subsequent semesters.

Applications can be found on the RCHS Guidance Website. *All sections of the application need to be returned to the Guidance Office by October 1st, 2020.

School Based Scholars Admission Policy 2020

RCHS - School Based Scholars

Dual Credit Scholarship:

Students taking college courses are eligible for two free classes. Scholarships are awarded through KHEAA.com. All students who have scholarship eligibility remaining for the 2020-2021 year should see a link on their MyKHEAA accounts to set scholarship preferences.  All students currently enrolled in college classes will receive an email from an RCHS counselor regarding the scholarship opportunities. In the email an attached PDF (DCS tutorial) will contain step-by-step instructions for the student process. This information can also be found on the RCHS Guidance Website.  The deadline for students to submit scholarship preferences for the fall semester is October 1, 2020.  If students anticipate taking spring coursework, KHEAA recommends they go ahead and submit both fall and spring preferences this fall in order to make sure they have funds reserved for spring.

Dual Credit Scholarship Tutorial