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8th Grade Summit


Below are a set of videos designed to help parents better understand the Summit program.  

Checking in on Student Progress:

"How to Access Your Student's PLP to Check Progress" a short video explaining how to log in & use the PLP.

What is a PLT?

“What is PLT?” a short video explaining what the PLT is and how students use it.

Grading in the Summit Program

"Details of Summit Grading" a short presentation on the details of grading within the Summit program.

Mentoring in the Summit Program:

"Summit Mentoring" a 15-minute presentation about how mentoring works in the Summit Teams.

Why? Watch this video to see WHY we are transitioning to this new model of educating students:

"Did you know?" a short video about the shift occurring in our ever-changing world.

The link below is great resources for you to learn more about Summit Public Schools.

The article below provides a good summary of the student experience provided by Summit Schools.

The article below is written by Michael Horn, author of “Blended, Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools.” The article follows up on Horn’s emphasis on schools moving to a blended learning model and how Summit Schools have emerged as a national leader in supporting the educational innovations of PBL, personalized, and blended learning. Google Drive File