TikTok Warning


September 16, 2021

Dear parents, 

Recently our schools have been dealing with some student behaviors that have become very disruptive to the school day. You may have seen reports about this behavior on social media or in the news as kids are making Tik Tok videos and posting them. The most recent trend is called the “devious lick” challenge where students are encouraged to single out other students in a derogatory manner such as “barking” at them, stealing or destroying school property and posting it.  This behavior is taking place in school districts nationwide where students are allowed to have cell phones with the Tik Tok Ap.  

This behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.  Destruction of school property will result in school discipline being applied to the fullest extent, including paying restitution for property that has been damaged or destroyed and possibly being criminally charged by our local police or sheriff’s department.  

Please talk with your child/children about respecting their fellow student peers and school property and make them aware we are taking a zero tolerance stance on this behavior. 

We have provided some resources for parents below from Common Sense Media: 

Parents Ultimate Guide to Tik Tok

13 Viral Challenges Your Child Already Knows About

This resource has not been updated to reflect “devious licks” but the information for parents/guardians is applicable to any viral challenge.  

Our goal every day is to provide an environment that students can feel safe to learn and socially form relationships with other students and staff. 


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Matthew L. Turner

Superintendent of Schools


tiktok letter

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