After Dark for Dylan

After dark for dylan

Every year Conner Middle School does a service learning project and in most recent years their projects have centered around the American Cancer Society. This school year in the middle of their planning fellow student Dylan Hart fell ill with Lymphoma. His good friends Jackson Moore, president of Conner Middle Student Council and Ben Fay, Vice President along with 72 other Conner Middle Student Council students decided to turn their project into a fundraiser for Dylan and donate everything they make toward his treatment at Children's Hospital. The fundraiser done entirely by students held last Friday night raised almost $9,000!

They were in the middle of a theme and t-shirts when they switched gears immediately and decided the new theme would be Hearts for Hart and the fundraising event would be called After Dark for Dylan. The t-shirts were blue for Dylan's favorite color and lime green as the color of the cancer. They came up with levels of participation. You could donate any amount or $10 would get you a t-shirt, $15 a t-shirt and bracelet or $25 would get you a t-shirt and admittance to the After Dark for Dylan event.

There was an important learning component to this service project and in the following pictures you will see classroom doors decorated by students with explanations of the type of cancer Lymphoma, its symptoms and treatments. One teacher's class was studying cells so it was appropriate for her door to be decorated explaining the cellular break down of cancer. Many students left notes for Dylan on the doors. After Dark for Dylan Friday night was well attended with students gathering to eat, play dodge ball in the gym, sell t-shirts and candy, play board games and fellowship with one another over their fellow student and friend Dylan.

Donations are still being accepted at Children's Hospital in the name of Dylan Hart.

Follow the link to hear from Dylan's mom:


Students walkingDecorated door

students for Dylandecorated door


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