Water Grant Benefiting Kelly Elementary

governor with students

Kelly Elementary School will benefit from portions of four infrastructure improvement grants to Boone County totaling $8.6 million. The grant impacting Kelly is $1.2 million and will allow the school to be upgraded to the municipal water system. Governor Beshear came to Boone County Tuesday afternoon to announce these grant awards. Beshear said these dollars came from bi-partisan agreement, “Clean drinking water, is a basic human right.” 

The Boone County School District has always been the water treatment plant operator for Kelly. This required the district to daily sample and report, do bi-monthly lab testing, and provide annual certification and a trained staff. That does not include the expense of chemical treatment products, filters, softeners, equipment maintenance and replacement. 

Governor Beshear says the full connection of Kelly Elementary to the municipal system will get underway very soon. Kelly Principal Kathy Gutzwiller says “this provides a new level of safety for Kelly, our students and our community.” ‘There were school days where the cafeteria could not operate because the water was contaminated and the school had to be closed. This grant ensures that will never happen again.’ Superintendent Matt Turner says, “This upgrade to municipal water will bring Kelly on par with all other district schools and facilities and provide for the capacity to better allow for future upgrades to the school.” 

The grants for Kentucky's Cleaner Water program were made possible with federal relief funds using the American Rescue Plan Act.

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