SKI CLUB DATES:                     THEME:

1.  Friday, January 7   2:30-9:45     OMS school spirit.

2.  Friday, January 14 2:30-9:45     Wear neon colors.

3.  Friday, January 21 2:30-9:45     Theme to be determined.

4.  Friday, January 28 2:30-9:45     Wear Hawaiian shirt.


How to join Ski Club:


Step 1: Purchase your ski pass.

All ski passes are sold online at When on the website, click on Club Log-In at the bottom of the page. Click on our club name, Ockerman Middle School.

User name is ockerman. Password is center. Select the pass that you want to purchase and click Next. If you have never purchaseed a pass from Perfect North Slopes, you will need to create a new account from this page. Ski passes are sold at the discounted rate seen in the brochure only until November 7th. After November 7th the prices increase.


Which ski pass should I purchase? 

I recommend the 4 Visit Club Pass. This pass covers your 4 visits with OMS Ski Club and includes one free introductory lesson. Select the pass with rental, unless you own skis or snowboard. All passes include snow tubing. There is no need to purchase extra lessons. The free introductory lesson is sufficient.


For members who will go to Perfect North more than just the 4 visits with OMS Ski Club, you are welcome to purchase the premium ski passes if you prefer. Please do not purchase the Bronze Pass as it is not valid on Fridays.


The school bus fee of $80 has been added to the price of your pass. If you have already purchased a pass for this season, your bus fee of $80 cash or check must be paid separately to Mr. Greg Merten.


All OMS Ski Club members are required to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding during Ski Club outings. Ski/snowboard rental includes a helmet. If you are not renting skis/snowboard, you can bring your our helmet or rent one separately for $5 each visit. 


Step 2: Permission Form.

Complete and return the attached permission form and waiver to the OMS office.



All new Ski Club members will meet on Wednesday, January 5th from 2:35-3:30 in room B-13. At this meeting I will explain what items to bring and what to expect on our first trip.


Discount passes are available for family members.

You can purchase passes for other family members at the discounted Ski Club price. Makes great Christmas presents. Click on the club name, Ockerman Family & Friends.

User name is ockermanfam. Password is downhill. Here, you can purchase passes without the added bus fee of $80.


Please email or call Mr. Merten if you have any question.   282-3240  ext.85151






Ski Club Permission Form


Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________________

City:  __________________________ State: _________ Zip: ____________

Parent Email:  _______________________________________________________

Birthday: __________________________________

Age: ____________________

Grade: ______   Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________

Emergency phone numbers: 

Home: _____________________________________

Parent’s cell: _______________________________________________

Student’s cell: ______________________________________________


1. Please note any restrictions or medical information that would be helpful        for treatment, such as allergies, diabetes, etc.



2. Will it be necessary for your child to take medication while on the trip?

                                Yes __________              No __________

     If yes, please specify instructions. ________________________________________________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________


3. ___________________________________ has my permission to go to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, IN with OMS Ski Club on the following dates:

Friday, January      7       2:30-9:45

Friday, January      14      2:30-9:45

Friday, January      21      2:30-9:45

Friday, January      28      2:30-9:45


Parent’s name: ______________________________________________________


Parent’s signature:  ______________________________________

Date: ________________


Ski Club Rules:

1. At 6:00 all Ski Club members must check-in with the chaperone at the Ockerman table located in the East Lodge.

2.Stop Returskiing at 8:30. Return your rental equipment and gather your belongings. Meet at the Ockerman table. Be back on the bus by 9:00. There is a huge outdoor clock on the back of the lodge. Please check the time often, so you’re not late.

3. If a student is not coming back on the bus (for example: going home with a parent, or a friends’ family,)

     that student must give Mr. Merten a signed note from their parent, in advance.

4. All Ski Club members are required to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding.

5. For your safety and enjoyment, always ski/snowboard with a friend. There are always other Ski Club members of the same skill level as you to hang-out with.

6. Obey all Perfect North Slopes’ rules and trail signs.

7. All trails are rated by skill level. Do not attempt to ski/snowboard a hill that is beyond your skill level.

8. Take breaks. Stay hydrated. Keep warm.