Summer Speech & Language Homework  

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Below you will find articulation, language, voice and fluency activities for you and your child to use together throughout the summer.  It has been prepared to help your child to maintain his present skill level during the summer break.  These activities are designed to be brief and enjoyable.  

If your child has a particular speech sound (i.e. /s/), focus his or her responses on that specific sound.

  • Say the word 5 times using your good speech sound
  • Use the words in a sentence using your good speech sound
  • Self-monitoring of the specific sounds in describing, explaining, or story telling activities.

If your child is working on improving their language skills, encourage them to answer the questions using complete sentences that are meaningful to the question being asked.  Verbal and visual cues may be necessary to help them respond appropriately.

As you complete each activity, draw a smiley face on the calendar to keep track of the days you have practiced.  A  small prize will be given to each child who completes the summer speech/language program.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the end of summer.  

Have a safe and fun summer!


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